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Ricky Ray




Keino Product


5 STARS? I am rating this review a 5 star review for a handful of very good reasons which I will explain shortly. A FEW HICCUPS Keep in mind, there were some hiccups and the experience was not perfect. I’m seeing some of this reflected in a handful of the reviews here. However, they were not so bad that I would not consider using them again. BAD NEWS FIRST I agree with some reviews, there were a few things they did not clean absolutely perfect. Some calcium spots in the bathroom were missed, a little soap scum overlooked in the shower, and adhesive stains (easily taken off with goo gone) left on the wall. I don’t think it was so bad as some have stated. Overall, it was a great clean and more than I would have been able to do myself without having all the cleaning supplies and man power. Last thing I’ll say in this bad news section is, there were a few other things that just didn’t work out with timing but Andrew was willing to work through things that arose which may not have been expected. For some, this may equal a bad experience or warrant a lower rating, but I see anyone who can work with you and at least attempt to right wrongs, doing a good job. GOOD NEWS The best thing about Oahu Professionals is RESPONSIVENESS. If you have the time to shop around and be selective about your cleaning/moving options, DO IT. Go for it and clean/move yourself! You may end up saving some $$ in the long run. HOWEVER if you’re like me, I had a last minute clean and move. I had a short/small window of time. I called SEVERAL moving companies. 2 places never even responded to my emails after a 24 hour window. I had to call them and even still, I was waiting for a quote for several days. The other 2 moving companies that did answer their phone, quoted me at around $2700 or more for a studio. Oahu Professionals handles the cleaning and the moving for much much less. Sure, it was still around the $1000 range for what I paid, but it’s very very comparable to other professional movers (that don’t do any cleaning, just moving) that take their sweet time to get back to you and will charge you far more. These guys gave me PEACE OF MIND where I thought I would not have any. I am very appreciative for them. Furthermore, Andrew gives you a rough quote ahead of time and unless there are drastic surprises that was not discussed beforehand, HE STICKS TO THE PRICE HE QUOTED. I used him for a large cleaning job, 2 large moving jobs, and a small moving job. Every step of the way, what he quoted is what he charges. We had to make some adjustments for some unforeseeable things, but he was reasonable and we found common ground for the work performed. I’ll reiterate one more time. RESPONSIVENESS was huge for me and will be for you if you have a short window of time to move and/or clean. I hope that his quick responses and communication style never changes because this is what made the difference for me. Other companies wanted to send an estimator over and I had to schedule an appointment over the next week. Andrew works with texted photos to get a rough estimate to you almost instantly. OVERALL Thanks to Andrew and his team, they made my move/clean a much easier experience than without them. No one else was available to help or were far more expensive for my needs. Depending on your circumstances, these guys may be perfect! If they’re not, just choose someone else. They do what they say, they charge what you’re quoted, and work things out if necessary. Simple as that. Hope this helps.



Phie Ndie II


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Alyssa Laganosky


These guys were amazing! They did such a good quality job with cleaning my house, they were able to do my window screens and shampoo the carpets. They were super nice and fun to work with. Andrew was very responsive and stayed in contact and gave me a great price for the work. They had great attention to detail. The boys showed up on time and did an overall amazing job!



Brigitte M.


Thank you to Andrew and his team.Andrew was quick to reply to my request and schedule on a short notice. He gave us a very fair quote for 2 houses on the property. The 5 man crew worked all day to finish both. They were hard working, pleasant, and easy to discuss things we wanted done. Very happy with service and would highly recommend!thanks



Stephanie Hu


They were very accommodating, even though I was trying to schedule something very last minute. I even had to reschedule after that and they were still very nice and accommodating. Showed up on time, worked quickly and efficiently (took the blinds off to clean better). They even offer services to take out smaller loads of leftover stuff. Would use again!! Thanks guys.



Will Caras




Julie A


My apartment was cleaner than when I moved in. The guys who did the work were awesome and I didn’t have to stress out about cleaning. 10/10





I would like to thank Andrew and his team for doing an outstanding job! They were very through and detailed with their cleaning and also they did it in a timely fashion but still with excellent results. If you are in need of cleaning services you won’t be disappointed going with Oahu Professionals. Thanks again!!!



Jack Bates


Fast , efficient peofessional



Chris C.


I called Oahu professionals to help me with my move and was not disappointed! Andrew was very responsive, reasonable, and diligent. I will be calling them for any move I have!



Erica LaFon


I can not say enough good things about Andrew and his crew and wish I could give a higher rating than 5 stars. We needed our rented property professionally cleaned at the last minute and they came to our rescue in such a short notice and did an amazing job- it looked better than when we moved in two years prior! They were very accommodating and their customer services skills are superior. I would recommend them to anyone and will definitely be hiring then again if I need any of the other services they offer.